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IMG_2163I was recently contacted by a PR agency I’ve worked with in the past to test and review a new-to-me brand called “daniPRO”. According to the PR statement, this brand is innovative because it was created by podiatrist, Dr. Gary Evans. daniPRO lacquers are 4-free (meaning they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP). However, upon closer inspection, I noticed these nail polishes do contain camphor, which is considered a toxin making daniPRO’s “free of toxins” statement website not completely true.

The stand-out ingredient in these polishes is undecylenic acid which helps prevent fungus. It is also important to note the fine print on both the bottle and website that say this ingredient is “not effective on nails”. What does that even mean? The ingredient is not effective on nails or it is not effective at treating fungus?

Honestly, even before I put on this nail polish, I noticed too many “discrepancies” for my liking but as long as its 3-free (no DBP, Formaldehyde or Toulene) I’m happy to try the nail polish as nail polish.

I was sent four separate colors, and a top coat, for review. The colors are a light petal pink, a more electric one and a “true” red.

The top coat was nothing special. It dried relatively quickly but it pulled the base color which does not make it ideal for sealing in nail art. This type of pulling and base removal is one of my biggest pet peeves and I cannot overlook it!


Forever Girl is a light petal pink. I applied four (yes, 4!) coats and the result was still patchy and streaky. The formula is thin and floods the cuticles easily. My camera is very forgiving in daylight but as you can see in both photos below this polish is no good.



My Girl is your typical bright pink. It appears more electric in the sun. I achieved “acceptable” opacity with 3 coats but the final result is just as streaky as Forever Girl. The formula is very thin and immediately floods the cuticles. However, this polish’s one redeeming quality is that it cleans up very easily (which is rare with a color like this). It’s a shame really because I loved this color against my skin tone.



First Kiss is a true candy apple red . I am pleasantly surprised with this formula. It is thin but not streaky and I reach full opacity after two coats. If I am in a rush I might get away with one coat but there is a slightly visible nail line.




Final Thoughts: The formulas were subpar (there are much better ones out there). I could forgive this major flaw if the colors were ones I could not live without. Even after looking at the full selection on the daniPRO website I am 100% sure every other nail polish brand out there sells them. The top coat pulls the color and does not given the same glossy finish as others I’ve tried. It will, however, work well in creating DIY jellies.

At $18.00 a pop you’re better off buying Zoya. Their polishes are cheaper, have better formulas in the exact same colors and more.

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Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Neon Sugar-Spin | Nail Art


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I have been in a fantastical mood recently. Last week, I felt so great after my infusion I climbed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This week, I climbed Tuesday and Wednesday (and hopefully today).

I am not sure why I feel so good this month versus last month. It might have everything to do with being ill. I had a serious sinus infection and as a result I flared up badly. On top of everything else, it was rainy and dreary so I barely got any vitamin D which reduces inflammation in the body.


neonsugarI tend to wear neons more when I am in a good mood. In theory, I want to wear neons especially when I feel down but my mood does not permit me to enjoy the bright beauties. Yeah…I know.

I had a little extra time and decided to sugar-spin some of my favorite neons. The colors are relatively similar but the brown glitter really ties them together.

I hope you like it!


sugarspinneonBasesSinfulColors Whiteboard (white undies), from pinky to index — American Apparel Neon Purple, Color Club Warhol, Wham! Pow!, China Glaze Daisy Know My Name?

Sugar-Spinbutter London Scuppered


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Smooshy Nail Sunday – Yellow & Grey | Nail Art


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I really wish I had gotten my act together and posted this earlier. I had my infusion on Friday and idiotically went to a movie on Saturday. My friends and I met at the gym and walked to the theater and back. By the end of the night I nearly fell asleep standing up.

Probably even more insanely, my sleep schedule freaked out this weekend. Disney Channel celebrated their 100th original movie and aired all 100 (also over the next few weeks) DCOMs. These showed round the clock and I stayed up anticipating the best from my childhood. Whoops.

Anyways, this gorgeous weekend resulted in swelling, fatigue and me awake at 5:00 am on my day off so I decided on a simple, fast design with the smoosh nail art technique!

I hope you like it…I added clock water decals to show this is one of the longest reactions I’ve had to my Orencia infusion.


smooshyellowBaseSinfulColors Whiteboard

Smoosh: ziploc baggie, stamper, Zoya Pippa, OPI No More Mr. Night Sky, Pipe Dream Polish Sonic Transducer

DecalsPueen Cosmetics


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Dumb Sh*t People Say….Part One


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“I heard exercising cures RA. You should just do more of that!”

And I heard if you shove your head far enough up your ass you can see your stomach!…

Okay, so that is a little harsh. But…not really.


If you do not live with chronic pain or a physically disabling autoimmune you can’t imagine what it feels like. You can’t google Rheumatoid Arthritis and immediately understand what it means to have it. You don’t know, well, until you know!


Long ago I stopped giving people the benefit of the doubt. Many say I’m too severe and expect too little of them. But what I’ve learned is people just want to sound intelligent. They love to sound like they know what they’re talking about. It’s human nature to be superior. Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, once said “Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know”. The above statement is a prime example of this.

I realized that when people talk it is not because they care but so they feel better about themselves. They think that if they look up a few facts on the internet, regurgitate the information I give them, they sound caring. In reality, they just annoy me.

Yes, you’re partially right. Exercise does alleviate symptoms of RA, however, too much of it can have the opposite affect and do more damage than good. Why? Too much motion and repetitive motion exacerbates inflammation around the joints, causes the immune system to react and attack. I probably don’t have to mention that there is no cure for the keyword: chronic autoimmune condition. So, no, I can’t just exercise the RA away but, gee, thanks for trying.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Black and White Holo Nails | Nail Art


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Now that I have a clear jelly stamper (CJS) I am no longer scared of trying double-stamping! I can easily position stamps properly instead of just hoping it might work! The CJS seriously changed the stamping game in the nail art world.

I went with something simple today: black and white stamping over a light holographic polish. I hope you like it! The sun was setting but I think I still managed to capture the serious rainbow-ness of this Pipe Dream holographic polish!




holobwThat holo though…..

nobottlebwBase: Pipe Dream Polish Sonic Transducer

Stamping: born pretty store plate BP-L 0004 & clear jelly stamper (linked here and here), Konad Special Polish White, Black


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Grass Stains & Metallic Flowers | Nail Art


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I haven’t done a dry-brush look in a long time but the metallic flowers were sitting in the back of my brain since I last did silver ones with a purple gradient. I’ve got to say I really like how this came out. Completely different looks but somehow they work together well.

I had to re-do this because just as I started to take pictures I bumped by nails against the camera and my peelies base coat completely popped off! UNT Peel Off Base Coat does what it says! I thought about just photographing the peelies but my nails are so short the small remains look really weird!

I hope you like it!



flowers1flower2_edited-1BaseZoya Pippa, Formula X Nails White Out

Dry-BrushAmerican Apparel Parakeet, Milani (old formula) Mint Chip, Barry M Matte Cancun

StampingBundle Monster plate BM311Formula X Nails Platinum Prime, Mundo de Uñas Copper, Zoya Goldie

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Blue Marbling w/ Tool | Nail Art & Review


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Product provided for honest review.

I have not yet mastered the needle drag marble. For the most part, I get the design I want but I always scrape through the bottom layers leaving an unsightly nick to my bare nail.


marbletoolfullmarblingtoolI noticed Born Pretty Store a new marbling comb. I wanted to streamline a one-needle design which can be painstakingly long! The grip of this tool is easy  and the comb glides through polish easily. However, the needles are in a straight line so the polishes mix together too easily and I quickly lose the marbleized look. If the picks are staggered I could get a smaller, more detailed design which I usually prefer.


marbleBaseSinfulColors Midnight Blue

MarbleSinfulColors Rise & Shine, Why Not, Hazed

Tool: Marbling Comb ($3.98 here)


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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