Infinite Ombre Dry Brush Nail Art

I only used the Infinite Ombre kit a couple of times since I won it a few weeks ago. I still keep the polishes in the case they came in and they call to me every day. I finally fished them out and went with my typical dry brush! I have to say, the actual polishes are not that great but if I sheer them out with acetone I get the consistency and effect I want.

I hope you like my creation!


#InfiniteOmbre Dry Brush Nail Art | The Rite of AgingAll done with the Formula X for Sephora Infinite Ombre kit.

SinfulColors – A Class Act Collection (Partial Review): Part Two


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Press sample: items were provided for honest review.

Here is the second part of the new SinfulColors A Class Act collection review.

A Class Act hits the shelves of Walgreens and Rite Aid in August. The collection consists of 27 polishes whose formulas range from cremes to glitters and demi-mattes. I chose polishes in every formula to get a good idea of the collection as a whole.

There are three Walgreens exclusive shades I will mark with an asterisk. Are they worth tracking down? Let’s find out!


V.I.Peach – 3 or 4 coats, no top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - V.I.Peach | The Rite of AgingV.I.Peach is a pastel canary yellow demi-matte creme. The consistency is thin and streaky and can take up to three or four coats to reach full opacity. The streaks dry down well but they are still visible if I look closely enough. The formula is closer to Whiteboard than to Hazed (two demi-mattes I reviewed in the first post) which makes it more favorable to me. For a yellow, this one is awesome!


Fig – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Fig | The Rite of AgingFig is a dark violet with red shimmer that does not transfer to the actual nail. It is very similar to Zoya’s Haven which I prefer. Fig has a decent formula, a little on the thicker side which pools quickly into the cuticles. The polish dries to a dull finish, not matte, just dull.


Rebel Rose – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Rebel Rose | The Rite of Aging

When I first saw Fig and Rebel Rose in the bottles I thought they mistakenly sent me two of the same color. It was a welcome surprise to see they are completely different on the nail. Rebel Rose is a cool-leaning dusty bright purple with an almost duochrome shimmer. The color is very similar to China Glaze’s Caribbean Temptation. The duochrome fades with top coat but the shimmer remains. The formula is good and does not pool into the cuticles. The polish self-levels nicely so if I want to wear it without top coat I definitely can!


Energetic Red – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Energetic Red | The Rite of Aging

Energetic Red is a bright, borderline neon coral creme. The color is IDENTICAL to Sephora by OPI Cover Me in Petals and a more pastel version of my favorite OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where? It has a decent formula which is comparable to the OPI polish. I definitely recommend wearing three coats as I still saw minor bald spots after two. Energetic Red does not self-level well so top coat is a must and it does stain a little which is typical for any coral polish. If you are looking for a replacement to the now discontinued SOPI polish or a less expensive version of the OPI one, this SinfulColors is the way to go!


*Blackboard – 3 coats, no top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Blackboard | The Rite of Aging

Blackboard is a demi-matte black. It is not a true black but more of a dark charcoal. The formula is consistent with the other demi-mattes I tried (V.I.Peach, Whiteboard and Hazed). It is streaky at first but builds up nicely after three or four coats. After the polish dries brushstrokes are barely visible and the finish really resembles a blackboard! This is definitely the most interesting polish of the lot.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like the polishes I tried (with the exception of Hazed and Fig). I especially like the demi-mattes and cremes. The cremes all have great formulas and while the demi-mattes are streaky, they build up nicely. The shimmers are alright if not a little thick and if I had to choose only one polish from this roundup it would most certainly be Whiteboard (which so happens to be a Walgreens exclusive)!

I think there are a good range of polishes for the back to school season. Some hang on to the days of summers while other gladly welcome the fall. Some I would prefer on my toes for the last of the sandal season while others I would definitely save for the fingertips. And, for $1.99 it is definitely worth picking up more than one!


I will be feature a few nail art looks with the Class Act collection over the next month so definitely look out for those!

And, don’t forget to check out SinfulColors’ social media pages:

Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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“Do Your Circus Act!” Neon Watermarble Nail Art


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My little girl’s back legs have been hurting for a few weeks because every time she climbs the stairs she whacks her already bad knees. Because of this, she hasn’t done her circus act trick which is one of my favorites.

When I say “do your circus act” Affie stands on her back legs and grabs her pill (or treat) from my hand. She is so freaking cute!

affie circus act

Okay, so she is totally cheating in this photo but look at that little smile!!


I was inspired by my dog’s antics and did a neon watermarble! I don’t even remember the last time I did a watermarble…What is my nail art life right now??


Circus-Inspired Neon Watermarble Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseSinfulColors Snow Me White

Watermarble: China Glaze UV Meant to BeDaisy Know My Name? and Pop the Trunk (which is not part of the Electric Nights collection)

StudsBorn Pretty Store


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OMD3 – Floral Freehand Nail Art for #mynailsandmyperfume


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We’re at the end of the OMD3 challenge! What a month. I am so proud of myself I managed to keep up. There were a couple of days here and there when I fell behind (and yes, one of them was yesterday) but I caught up and finished on time!


I am a perfume girl. I wear it every day even inside the house. I love scents. And, according to my friends, I have a signature one. The perfume mixes well with my body chemistry and they smell as one. When I wear other perfumes everyone knows I am wearing a scent but when I wear my signature it’s like I’m not wearing anything. Ah, I have reached perfume wearing perfection!

Now…what is this holy grail perfume??? Prada Infusion d’Iris.


Storytime: I actually first smelled this from an magazine insert. I fell in love and bought it without testing it in-store. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, doesn’t it? Well, it turned out to be the ONE. What a stroke of luck!


I decided to push myself for the last day and freehand some flowers. I practiced painting irises but they did not turn out too well so I opted for regular flowers in iris colors. I hope you like it!


#OMD3NAILS - Freehand Irises Nail Art | The Rite of Aging


#OMD3NAILS - Freehand Irises Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBasePahlish Sunless Sea

Details: acrylic paints


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OMD3 – Dots and Decals Nail Art for #mynailsandmybag


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I really don’t understand why sometimes my camera decides to take different types of pictures at different points in the day. I take my photos in the same room, inside the house, away from natural light…so, I would think the photos would be unaffected. My phone is quite odd sometimes. My photos are pretty subpar today but I really couldn’t win the fight. Hopefully when I do the last prompt tonight it will no longer throw its tantrum!

Anyways, I hope you like my nail art inspired by my Jonathan Adler bag! I saw this about a year ago on the website and immediately bought it. No hesitations or questions. I needed this bag.

Hope you like it!


Jonathan Adler Dogs Bag | The Rite of Aging


#OMD3NAILS - Dots and Decals Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseOPI Red Lights Ahead…Where?

DotsAnise Make Waves

DecalsPueen Cosmetics


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

SinfulColors – A Class Act Back to School Collection (Partial Review)


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Items were provided for honest review.

I am so excited to share with you a partial review of the new SinfulColors A Class Act collection. I will split it up into two posts with five polishes each.

A Class Act hits the shelves of Walgreens and Rite Aid in August. The full collection has 27 polishes ranging from cremes to glitters and demi-mattes. I picked some in each finish to get a good idea of the collection as a whole. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

*Two of the shades in this review are Walgreens exclusives and will be marked with an asterisk. Are they worth tracking down? Find out!


Why Not – 2 coats, top coat

Sinful Colors - Why Not | The Rite of AgingWhy Not is a deep sky blue creme. It has an average formula and applies easily. It does not pool into the cuticles so it is easier to push the color closer to them and it self-levels nicely. It is a fun polish to wear until it is time to take it off. Why Not is a major stainer; a worse than normal type of stainer! I would suggest two different base coats and removing this polish before bed! Honestly, that is a lot of hard work for a typical sky blue but this is a really great polish which I know I will wear a lot!


Feel the Vibe – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Feel the Vibe | The Rite of AgingI expected a neon tangerine but Feel the Vibe is more of a muted tangerine orange leaning red. In some lighting it does glow like a neon which is definitely nice! I feel like I have a perpetual tan when wearing this! It self-levels nicely and the consistency is similar to Why Not, if not a little thinner. I can get away with two coats but for the sake of pictures I play it safe with three.


Hazed – 2 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Hazed | The Rite of AgingHazed is a muted violet and one of the collection’s demi-matte polishes. It dries to an almost wax finish. If you are familiar with Cult Nails Wax That top coat the look is identical. This is a difficult polish. It is streaky and thin and it takes four coats to reach full opacity. It’s a nice enough color, nothing special and appears more muddy than muted. Given the formula it is a definite miss for me. However, its one redeeming quality is once dry I cannot see brush strokes which is very rare for a demi-matte polish!


*Whiteboard – 2 coats, no topcoat

SinfulColors Swatch - Whiteboard | The Rite of AgingWhiteboard is another of the demi-matte polishes in this collection. It is pure white and it is AMAZING. Seriously. I went in with this polish with skepticism mixed with high hopes. You may have noticed Snow Me White is one of my favorite and most used polishes. I wanted Whiteboard to perform like Snow Me White but was cautious since it is very difficult to find a good (read: not awful) white. I am not kidding when I say this polish is amazing. The formula is thin for a white but it does not pool into the cuticles. It shows minor streaks after it dries but they are nearly undetectable from far away! Because of its demi-matte finish I know it will be perfect as an acrylic paints base. This polish is the front-running gem in the collection.


 Ice Dream – 1 generous coat, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Ice Dream | The Rite of Aging

Ice Dream is a awesome blue and silver glitter topper. The light blue hexagonal glitters are nearly identical in color to Why Not and are suspended in a silver micro glitter base. This has a great formula. It is thicker than the other polishes but applies smoothly and levels nicely. It is slight gritty but easily smooths out with top coat.


Stay tuned for the next five polishes and my final thoughts! And, if I’ve peaked your interest check out the SinfulColors social media pages:

Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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OMD3 – Sugarspun Nail Art for #mynailsandmydrink


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Instagram has created a TUMBLER MONSTER. After the duochrome tumbler went viral on social media I became curious of the others…and I bought the sunset gradient one. Now, every few weeks, I stalk the website for new additions to the cold and warm drinkware pages.

Alright, so maybe this isn’t new. When I started traveling after college I wanted to collect something to remember my trip. The question was what? Postcards and stamps are cute but ultimately useless. Who is going to want to use either for their proposed purposes since they mail right out of your possession, completely nullifying adding them to your collection in the first place!

When I was little I used to collect little jars of sand from the places my family visited…once again though, cool but impractical.

I dug a little deeper. What could I stockpile that I could use? What do I love more than anything in the world? Coffee. Then it hit me. I drink coffee, hot tea and cocoa almost every day and what do I drink them in?? COFFEE CUPS. Not only can I drink from mugs but I can use them as holders of well, stuff! Literally all my shelves have one or two mugs, some hold my keys, others markers, and some I use to collect pistachio shells (heh!)

Now, back to the point…one afternoon while scrolling through the Starbucks website when I saw the new dog doodle tumbler! No contest. No question. I needed it. I mean, I am pre-freaking-vet and I love dogs. No hesitation. No buyer’s remorse for breaking my no-buy.

When you know you have to have something. You just know. Am I right?


For today’s prompt, I hit a little block. I knew which #mydrink I would use…but I did not know what #mynails I would do. I usually fill my cold drink tumblers with iced tea or water and take them in the car so I considered an Arnold Palmer gradient. However, I was just about to hit the treadmill and didn’t want to sip on iced tea during my workout. Since water is clear it opened up almost every nail art and I decided to pull from the green tennis ball…Hope you like it!


#OMD3NAILS - Starbucks Tumbler Sugar-Spin Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseSpaRitual Running with Wolves

Sugar-SpinGirly Bits Cosmetics Supersonic


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