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Some items provided for honest review.

I completely fell behind reviewing products this summer because of my summer camp job. I was just too exhausted to paint my nails let alone try and maneuver new products. Back in May, new to me brand, Nicole Diary, contacted me about trying some water decals and I jumped at the chance. You all know how much I adore water decals. They are quick and easy nail art which are perfect when I don’t have time or am too tired to do my nails.


I also played around with coloring the designs in with watercolors since I’ve been on a huge coloring stint lately. On paper, I use everything from pens to pencils and gel pens (throwback to the 90s!). It was fun to do my nails in the same way but took a lot of patience and a steady hand. Regardless, I am definitely pleased with how well these came out and think they are worth the extra time.



I couldn’t leave well enough alone and added some Born Pretty Store nail sticker/vinyls. I waited a full day to add these since I didn’t want to ruin/bring up the base color.


The water decals are typical, run of the mill and easy to use. After submerging them for about 20 seconds in cool water they slid off the backing paper smoothly. Over at Amazon.com and Aliexpress.com Nicole Diary has a wide selection of cute designs.

While I am personally not the biggest fan of the nail stickers this is more a personal choice than an issue with the actual product. I prefer easy, quick nail art options (like water decals) instead of waiting a full day to apply vinyls. Yes, I could have waited a couple of hours but a) I didn’t want to and b) it didn’t seem like enough time! While in theory the circles are extremely cute they would work better on larger bigger nails as to capture more of the design. On my short nails, I did not get enough circles and got too much negative space.

You be the judge, though!


withvinylsBases: China Glaze UV Meant to Be, Formula X Nails White Matter

Decals: Nicole Diary (linked here – design 08)

Vinyls: Born Pretty Store ($1.79 here)


What do you think? I hope you like these as much as I do!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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Summer Days Aren’t Here To Stay | RA & Nail Art


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This summer, I snagged a science camp job at my old elementary school. I had a blast! I forgot how much I loved working full-time, waking up early, and going in for the same job every day.

But, while I looked forward to each session (four in total over seven weeks) I barely made it out unscathed. I was a total wreck by day’s end. If I wasn’t a full on zombie from fatigue and pain I was totally disabled.

I tried to sit or “rest” as often as I could but camp was not only teaching science. The day was a hodgepodge of walking to and from recess across campus, transitioning students to their afternoon camp and depositing them in aftercare at the end of the day. Of course, my co-teacher and I swapped responsibilities daily but with an active form of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I still found this work load difficult.

The age range of students was rising Kindergarten all the way to rising 4th grade. The younger kids definitely needed help with some activities. I continuously moved about, lifted materials and helped with finer motor activities. I took part in games and walked around recess to keep an eye on my group.

I came in early and left late. I set up and scrubbed down the classroom every day. If this were an all-year thing I definitely could not keep up, no matter how much I willed myself. But, given that it was seven weeks, I muscled through.

I froze my climbing membership (no way I could drag myself up the wall after work or even on the weekends) and I declined all social engagements. This was a major bummer as summer was my favorite season and the only few months of the year I enjoyed going out. More time for nail art and blogging then! Nope. I was so spent by the end of the day I could barely use dinner utensils let alone maneuver a polish brush.

In the end, was it all worth the long hours, the lost sunny days of summer? Oh yes! I think so. Even though I spent a bulk of the summer in a perpetual painful flare-up I enjoyed every minute I was at work.


And, for your enjoyment, I have some summer-y pink lemonade nails to share with this post! I hope you like them!



Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


Summer Haul | Video

May contain affliate links.


Check out my newest video! https://youtu.be/-K_Qf_UBgJw

I’ve always wanted to film a haul video but never had enough new things to film. Finally, after accumulating all sorts of goodies this summer I finally did it. I hope you like it!


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Products Mentioned:

Customized IPAD Pro Case

Olay Regenerist Micro-Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet

Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator

Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant

Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 50

SuperGoop! Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist w/ Vitamin C SPF 50

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara – Travel Size

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre – Ocean Lights (specific color available at counter)

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner

Stabilo Neon Fine Tip Pens

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Caslon Roll-Sleeve Cotton Shirt (Red Barberry)


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Green Smooshy Nails w/ Stamping | Nail Art



Some items provided for review.


Wow! I cannot believe it has been over a month since I last blogged! A few days after my last post I started my full-time summer schedule. It was years since I last worked full time (because of the RA) and it was amazing! I remembered how much I loved working!

Unfortunately, full-time hours took their toll. I was more or less destroyed afterwards and barely had enough energy to eat dinner let alone anything else. Blogging and nail art took a backseat.

I have a few weeks (roughly five) until I start fall semester so I look forward to vegging out, doing nail art, and hanging out with my pets!

I hope you like my homecoming Smooshy Nails Sunday look with a stamping polish from Born Pretty Store on top!


greensmooshBase: SinfulColors Whiteboard

Smoosh: American Apparel Parakeet (mint green), Zoya Maria Luisa, SinfulColors All About You

Stamping: Born Pretty Store Stamping polish in Black ($4.99 here), Pueen Cosmetics plate PUEEN83


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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Spring 2016 Collection – daniPRO Nails | Review


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Press Sample


IMG_2163I was recently contacted by a PR agency I’ve worked with in the past to test and review a new-to-me brand called “daniPRO”. According to the PR statement, this brand is innovative because it was created by podiatrist, Dr. Gary Evans. daniPRO lacquers are 4-free (meaning they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP). However, upon closer inspection, I noticed these nail polishes do contain camphor, which is considered a toxin making daniPRO’s “free of toxins” statement website not completely true.

The stand-out ingredient in these polishes is undecylenic acid which helps prevent fungus. It is also important to note the fine print on both the bottle and website that say this ingredient is “not effective on nails”. What does that even mean? The ingredient is not effective on nails or it is not effective at treating fungus?

Honestly, even before I put on this nail polish, I noticed too many “discrepancies” for my liking but as long as its 3-free (no DBP, Formaldehyde or Toulene) I’m happy to try the nail polish as nail polish.

I was sent four separate colors, and a top coat, for review. The colors are a light petal pink, a more electric one and a “true” red.

The top coat was nothing special. It dried relatively quickly but it pulled the base color which does not make it ideal for sealing in nail art. This type of pulling and base removal is one of my biggest pet peeves and I cannot overlook it!


Forever Girl is a light petal pink. I applied four (yes, 4!) coats and the result was still patchy and streaky. The formula is thin and floods the cuticles easily. My camera is very forgiving in daylight but as you can see in both photos below this polish is no good.



My Girl is your typical bright pink. It appears more electric in the sun. I achieved “acceptable” opacity with 3 coats but the final result is just as streaky as Forever Girl. The formula is very thin and immediately floods the cuticles. However, this polish’s one redeeming quality is that it cleans up very easily (which is rare with a color like this). It’s a shame really because I loved this color against my skin tone.



First Kiss is a true candy apple red . I am pleasantly surprised with this formula. It is thin but not streaky and I reach full opacity after two coats. If I am in a rush I might get away with one coat but there is a slightly visible nail line.




Final Thoughts: The formulas were subpar (there are much better ones out there). I could forgive this major flaw if the colors were ones I could not live without. Even after looking at the full selection on the daniPRO website I am 100% sure every other nail polish brand out there sells them. The top coat pulls the color and does not given the same glossy finish as others I’ve tried. It will, however, work well in creating DIY jellies.

At $18.00 a pop you’re better off buying Zoya. Their polishes are cheaper, have better formulas in the exact same colors and more.

daniPRO social media:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Neon Sugar-Spin | Nail Art


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I have been in a fantastical mood recently. Last week, I felt so great after my infusion I climbed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This week, I climbed Tuesday and Wednesday (and hopefully today).

I am not sure why I feel so good this month versus last month. It might have everything to do with being ill. I had a serious sinus infection and as a result I flared up badly. On top of everything else, it was rainy and dreary so I barely got any vitamin D which reduces inflammation in the body.


neonsugarI tend to wear neons more when I am in a good mood. In theory, I want to wear neons especially when I feel down but my mood does not permit me to enjoy the bright beauties. Yeah…I know.

I had a little extra time and decided to sugar-spin some of my favorite neons. The colors are relatively similar but the brown glitter really ties them together.

I hope you like it!


sugarspinneonBasesSinfulColors Whiteboard (white undies), from pinky to index — American Apparel Neon Purple, Color Club Warhol, Wham! Pow!, China Glaze Daisy Know My Name?

Sugar-Spinbutter London Scuppered


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Smooshy Nail Sunday – Yellow & Grey | Nail Art


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I really wish I had gotten my act together and posted this earlier. I had my infusion on Friday and idiotically went to a movie on Saturday. My friends and I met at the gym and walked to the theater and back. By the end of the night I nearly fell asleep standing up.

Probably even more insanely, my sleep schedule freaked out this weekend. Disney Channel celebrated their 100th original movie and aired all 100 (also over the next few weeks) DCOMs. These showed round the clock and I stayed up anticipating the best from my childhood. Whoops.

Anyways, this gorgeous weekend resulted in swelling, fatigue and me awake at 5:00 am on my day off so I decided on a simple, fast design with the smoosh nail art technique!

I hope you like it…I added clock water decals to show this is one of the longest reactions I’ve had to my Orencia infusion.


smooshyellowBaseSinfulColors Whiteboard

Smoosh: ziploc baggie, stamper, Zoya Pippa, OPI No More Mr. Night Sky, Pipe Dream Polish Sonic Transducer

DecalsPueen Cosmetics


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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