Top Three Nail Polishes for Fall | Autumn 2015


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Top Three Polishes for Fall | The Rite of AgingMost of the polishes I own are used only for nail art and when it comes to wearing plain nail polish on my fingers I am very fickle. Now that summer is long gone I decided to root around my polish cupboard and pull out my favorite autumnal colors. Below are the three I know I will wear over and over again this fall! Yes, only three!


SpaRitual – Howl (2 coats)

SpaRitual Swatch - Howl | The Rite of Aging

Howl is a dark brown with golden shimmer running through it. When the shimmer is prominent it elevates the color to a rich golden brown. The formula is a little thick but it is easy to work with and dries quickly.


OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark (2 coats)

OPI Swatch - Lincoln Park After Dark | The Rite of AgingLincoln Park After Dark is a deep almost black oxblood. The color generally looks black but every so often the light hits it and I get a glimpse of the subtle red tint. There is a reason this polish is a cult favorite. It looks great against all skin tones and I feel extremely confident wearing it. There is just something about pulling off a gorgeous dark shade like this. The formula is sheer but three coats covers any bald spots. This polish stains so I always use two bases.


Serum No. 5 – Sleepy Holo (2 coats)

Serum No. 5 Swatch - Sleepy Holo | The Rite of AgingSleepy Holo is a stunning deep silver holo. In normal indoor light the silver shimmers  beautifully but in the sun it explodes. The rainbow holo is out of this world (and you can probably see it from there too) and I cannot help but look at my fingers when I wear this.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Halloween 2015 | Black & Orange Dry Brush Nail Art


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RA-friendly nail art.

I am not keen on Halloween but I think I will a do a few spirited looks without going scary. The first is a simple, fast dry brush. I sometimes use a fan brush instead of the nail polish brush when I want a more precise, detailed look. I can add more colors and they look better on my shorter nails. I use polish directly from my work space without thinning it down with acetone.

This is a very simple technique that dries quickly and is easy on the wrists. I work the fan brush gently across the nail, both horizontally and vertically, until I am happy with the final look.

The bottle gets the sunlight in the photo but the nails are all color accurate! I hope you like it!


Halloween Dry Brush Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseColor Club Wham! Pow!

DetailsWet n Wild Black CremeUrban Outfitters WestsideBanana Hammock


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Blue Rhythm de Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo | Les Vernis Review


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I first saw an advertisement for this collection in June. I couldn’t find it anywhere and thought it had already launched. I was devastated. Chanel made unique, beautiful nail polishes but there was something extraordinary about their blues. Remember Les Jeans collection from 2011? In August, I noticed a resurgence of Blue Rhythm reviews and my excitement boiled over. I hadn’t missed these two beauties after all!

I wanted to be financially conscious and only purchase Fortissimo but when I saw Vibrato in person I had to have it as well. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the swatches!


Chanel Les Vernis - Fortissimo and Vibrato | The Rite of Aging

(Chanel Les Vernis @ Macy’s)


2 coats, top coat

Chanel Les Vernis Swatch - Vibrato | The Rite of AgingVibrato is an extremely vibrant cobalt blue. I was skeptical that the photos were highly saturated but no, Vibrato is that just that intense. The formula is good. It is thin but not streaky. It applies easily without pulling and levels well. The polish dries quickly which can sometimes an issue with Chanel polishes.


2 coats, top coat

Chanel Les Vernis Swatch - Fortissimo | The Rite of AgingFortissimo is a bright navy with cobalt shimmer running through it. The gorgeous shimmer is prominent both in the bottle and on the nail. This dimension elevates the color from a traditional deep navy to a dynamic midnight blue.

Funny story: I wore this to class and all my students, even the little boys, complimented me on my nails because they were painted their favorite color!

On first application, Fortissimo‘s formula is sheer and streaky and quickly pools into the cuticles. The second coat evens out the color nicely making it an easy two-coater polish. It dries quickly and levels nicely.

I love both polishes and cannot recommend one over the other. They are both extremely unique and gorgeous. If you are like me and love collecting limited edition, one-of-a-kind shades I wouldn’t wait to purchase these. Nordstrom online is already sold out (a sales rep, at the counter, tried purchasing them online and the order was cancelled a couple of days later) but the Macy’s website still has them in stock.


Do you own one or both of these nail colors? What do you think? Love them or leave them?


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

#31DC2015 – Roundup Post


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Well, I feel like I should be really proud of myself because I got through the entire challenge but this month flew by and I never once felt rushed! For the most part I had really great looks! Of course, there were times I wanted to re-do some but I certainly didn’t have the time for that during the 31 Day Challenge! I finally embraced my autoimmune and focused on RA-friendly techniques which are pretty quick!

If you want to see all my looks click on the 31-Day Challenge tab at the top of the page but I compiled my favorites from this month below!


31dc2015 - faves

YellowBlue | PurplePolka DotsGlitterInspired by a ColorInspired by a SongInspired by a PatternInspired by the Supernatural

I am going to go out on a limb here and say my favorite techniques were sugar-spin and dots? Is that too much of a stretch? Heh!

I am going to spend the weekend catching up on Inlinkz and Instagram. I realized I missed a whole of posts as I looked through other roundup posts!


See you next week!

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#31DC2015 – Honor Nails You Love: Watermarble Decals


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This month went by surprisingly fast. I never felt rushed or uninspired like in previous years. I focused on fast, easy RA-friendly techniques. Watermarble decals fall into this category! I’ve been meaning to try these ever since I saw Sveta Sanders’ gorgeous accent nails.

She created a bullseye in the water, let the polish dry and applied it to the nail like regular decals.


I am really happy with how these came out. I unfortunately nicked my ring finger while applying the decal to the middle finger but other than that little snag (heh) these were simple to make and apply!


#31DC2015 - Watermarble Decals Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseOPI Lincoln Park after Dark

MarbleSephora by OPI Cover Me in PetalsOPI Lincoln Park after Dark


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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#31DC2015 – Inspired by a Splatter Tutorial


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For today’s prompt I used a video tutorial from Ohmygoshpolish! She did a cute splatter manicure for the fashion prompt a few days ago and I wanted to re-create it today! In the spirit of following the tutorial I used straws but I think I definitely prefer a brush.


#31DC2015 - Green Splatter Recreation | The Rite of AgingBasesSephora by OPI I Come in PeasMetro Chic

SplatterSephora by OPI It’s Totally Karma


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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#31DC2015 – Phoenix Stamp and Sugar-Spin Nail Art


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Today’s prompt is always a difficult one for me. I do not really care for the supernatural or scary things in general so I always hit a creative wall.

I combed through my stamping plates and water decals in hopes of finding inspiration when I happened across a phoenix. They are gorgeous mythical creatures that represent life, death and rebirth. I decided to go with a cool silver scheme instead of the warm flames phoenixes are associated with.

I hope you like it!


#31DC2015 - Phoenix Stamp and Sugar-Spin Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBases: Serum No. 5 Sleepy HoloFormula X Nails Platinum Prime

StampingBundle Monster plate BM314


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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