Ziploc Marble Nail Art for NAIL – Butterflies


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Have you ever just looked at something and thought ‘this really annoys me’? I opened my blog this morning and I could not stand my layout. I decided to change themes. So far, I do like it. I especially like the background color; I think it is a lot easier on the eyes. What do you guys think?


I first attempted freehand wings. I created a Monarch butterfly-inspired marble base but the wings looked really wonky on my short nails. I remembered the Pueen Cosmetics decals but had spent so much time on this first try, I felt too discouraged to re-do it.  Now, a few days later, I repeated the ziploc marble method and applied the decals on top.

I hope you like it!


Butterflies on Marbled Base | The Rite of AgingI started with a base of Color Club Wham! Pow!

I added a few drops of OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where?Serum No. 5 Fallen, and CoverGirl Cosmetics Glosstinis Inferno before I lightly placed a ziploc bag on top to blend them together.

The decals are from Pueen Cosmetics.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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Challenge Your Nail Art – Space Movie


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We have a new set of prompts for the challenge Your Nail Art group on Facebook! Unfortunately, I am at a complete loss for them. I am not into sci-fi except for Star Trek and there, I am a total Trekkie (by the way, can I say how happy it makes me that the word “Trekkie” is part of the Dragon Dictate library??). I hope I end up with a stroke of inspiration but I think I may have to sit out this month. But, the idea for today’s prompt came to me at 10 PM so who knows!

Initially, I stretched the prompt to space TV shows, namely Star Trek, when I realized there were plenty of Star Trek movies! And, this would be the perfect time to use my Fab Ur Nails plate…which I may have only bought because of the command badge…anyways…

I hope you like it!


Star Trek Badge | The Rite of AgingI started with Wet n Wild Black Creme as my base.

On my index and pinky nails I applied Zoya Pixie Dust Imogen.

On my middle and ring nails I applied a generous coat of Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Top Coat. (heh, how fitting!) *Just a note on this polish — it dries semi-matte but seriously shimmers with top coat)

I stamped with Color Club On the Rocks.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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Pink Gradient Nail Art


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Rest in peace, dear Fujifilm, rest in peace. My camera of 10 years died on me. It just wouldn’t turn on! It was a good camera and one of the best point and shoots at the time. The manual settings left much to be desired so while it was great to take out and snap some pics, for blogging purposes I was generally frustrated.

On the bright side I can finally buy a new camera. I’ve wanted to upgrade for about six months but life got in the way and I put off the purchase. My Samsung Note takes relatively decent pictures but it is totally dependent on whether it is sunny outside Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, weather forecasts are not completely trustworthy. So, now that I do not have a camera, I need a camera!

I had my eye on a couple of Canon cameras and I narrowed it down to the G16; but while I wait for my new toy the pictures will be taken with my phone.


I bought a new nail stamper (specifically, the Creative Stamper) and I was dying to try it out. However, when I saw how well my gradient base turned out I couldn’t bring myself to add anything on top! Heh…hard to believe, right?

I hope you like my RA-friendly sponge gradient!


Pink Gradient | The Rite of AgingI started with a thin coat of Milani Spotlight White. I strongly dislike the consistency of this polish but I can’t bring myself to toss and waste it. I use it exclusively with bright colors to help them pop!

I used a makeup sponge and (from cuticle to tip) Barry M Rhossili, Grapefruit and Sally Hansen Petal Pusher.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Tattoo Decals for the Wiki’d It Challenge – Tattoos


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A new Facebook challenge started this week! It is part of the same group who participated in the A2Z Series. A2Z is over so we are diving into WIKIPEDIA! I am super excited for this challenge. I love the Random page Wikipedia game so I am completely onboard with a challenge based around it! This week’s prompt is tattoos…


Many moons ago, let’s say, 12-13 years, my father brought back some temporary water tattoos from India. Many were the typical Indian designs and very authentic. I never had an occasion to wear them but they were too pretty to throw away so they stayed in a dark drawer..until yesterday!

Temporary tattoos are hot at the moment; especially on the bohemian festival circuit. When I saw this week’s prompt my mind jumped to these old decals! Why not use them in nail art??

I am pretty pleased with how these came out! The tattoos applied much better than I anticipated. There were some bald spots  but they were barely noticeable because of the metallic sheen.

I hope you like it!


Indian Water Decals Nail Art | The Rite of AgingI used Essie Mademoiselle and top coat as my base and waited for them to dry completely.

I applied different parts of the decal to my nails by placing the sheet face down and holding it in place with a water-soaked cotton ball.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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Stamping and Ombre Nail Art for NAIL


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I am still down with the hip flare and am using a combination of a cane and  walker to get around. Last Wednesday I went climbing but I felt really good afterwards. My current flare did not start until mid-Friday so I don’t know if they are related but I cannot see any other correlation!

Unfortunately, I was supposed to clean my room and bathroom this weekend but could barely get out of bed without assistance. A cluttered room does not usually bother me but when I am sick it gets on my last nerve. I just can’t stand laying in a disorganized environment when I cannot do anything about it. Do you feel like cleaning more when you’re ill, too?

Sometimes, if I do not have the luxury of a full clean I lightly tidy. During a bad flare I am unable to move very much so I incorporate a little re-organization when I do get up. It only takes a couple of extra minutes to put little things away and I feel a whole lot better! Of course, this is not the time to do any heavy lifting, like vacuuming, but a little dusting goes a long way! If I have to get up to go to the bathroom or get something to eat I might as well do a little housework as well. I feel like I am actually getting something done without tacking on extra movement.


I wanted something quick and easy for today’s nail art. The ombre style is very RA-friendly and a no-hassle way to include multiple colors! I hope you like my slightly embellished ombre look!


Blue Stamping Ombre | The Rite of AgingBases (from index to pinky nail):

Glitter Gal Bluemerang

China Glaze UV Meant to Be

Pop Beauty Pacific Hoot

Anise Neon – Make Waves

I stamped with Pueen Cosmetics plate PUEEN 76 and Konad Special Polish White.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Pink and Purple Asymmetrical Dotticure Nail Art


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As a kid, one of my favorite past times was “sailing”. I placed an empty laundry basket in the middle of the laundry room floor, fill it with snacks, hydration, books, and blankets and pretend I was in the middle of the sea. I was shipwrecked until I reached land.

After my father helped me out of bed I grabbed anything and everything I could possibly need for the rest of the night. Once I stand up and am leaning forward, I can move around relatively easily. Relative, of course, to getting out of a sleeping or sitting position.

I grabbed my various technologies, books, magazines, nail polishes and anything else I thought I might need and curled up for the evening. I was not in the mood for too intricate a nail art so I settled on a fun asymetrical dotticure! I hope you like it!


1-DSCF6367_fotorI started with Pahlish Reinette as my base.

I detailed with Milani Power Periwinkle, Barry M Grapefruit and Rhossilli.



Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

Blue Saran-Wrap and Water Decal Nail Art


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Question: Would you prefer I separate my RA and nail art posts so if you are only interested in one or the other you don’t have to read both? I will provide links to and from each post.



I posted this on Instagram last night as I had some weird hip pain and struggled to find a comfortable typing position. Right now, I have no range of motion. I am in excruciating pain every time I move.

I’m not sure this is a flare. During my typical episode, I am painful throughout my body, I am nauseaous, tired, and fatigued. Today’s discomfort is acutely concentrated in my hip area and just when I move. I feel alert, hungry,  and in any other manner, great. I am struggling to move yet I want to. I don’t know why this is happening. I woke up in the morning and I felt great I was in no pain I climbed the stairs and all of a sudden it hit me during breakfast. My morning routine was the same.


But, before I get into the nail art…I’m going to quickly talk about how I clean the house.

I clean house on my days off from work. This way, I can “schedule” tasks around my high and low pain points. I mentioned in another post, my sweet spot for pain is about two hours after I take Tramadol and Tylenol. This would be when I start the heavier cleaning like vacuuming. I rarely ever start before this two hour mark.

Once I’ve finished vacuuming I take a nap.  I’m serious. Personally, Vacuuming takes the most effort and when I’m done I’m usually very tired. This is the perfect time for a nap. It’s okay though I have the entire day.  two hours is usually the longest I allow myself to sleep, otherwise I I cannot go to bed at night.


When I wake up, I eat and hydrate and finish by dusting. I use a Swiffer duster wand so with one quick swipe I’m all set. Laundry is for another day.


Now, onto the nail art! I decided to go with a blue cling wrap. I loved the marbelized water look. My new Chanel polish called to me so I centered the entire color palette around it. I needed to add more but a black decal would not show up. The pack of Pueen Cosmetics decals I bought came with an assortment of white ones as well. The last time I tried one it disintegrated while I removed it from the backing. I had low expectations of these flowers but they worked quite nicely.

I hope you like it!


Blue Marble Cling Wrap Nail Art | The Rite of Aging

Blue Marble Cling Wrap Nail Art | The Rite of AgingI started with 3 coats of Glitter Gal True Blue Aussie as my base. Llarowe was having a massive sale on this brand and I picked up a few on a whim. This dark blue polish was very squishy, almost jelly-like and dried very glossy. However, it pooled into my cuticles and stained them badly.

I bubble-wrapped with Chanel Mediterranée, Glitter Gal Bluemerang, and China Glaze UV Meant to Be.

Blue Saran-Wrap Polishes | The Rite of Aging

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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